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Do you long for a close, loving relationship which encourages you to become your ideal self?


     You’re not supposed to be lonely within a relationship. A secure  relationship feels supportive, empowering, fulfilling and life-giving. It provides a safe haven from which to embark on all of your other endeavors.  AND the good news is that you can change the dynamic even if you're the only one in the relationship who works on the process. 


     From infancy and throughout our life span, we all need a smile and the feeling that we matter to someone. Without that emotional validation, we shrivel up and die inside even when our physical needs are met. In the absence of loving companionship, no matter what we achieve in life, there is a sense of loneliness. 


     What if you found gold while on a deserted island? How long would the initial blast of happiness last without being able to share the discovery? 


     As a veteran educator of elementary through high school students for over twenty five years, I had the privilege of working with parents, teachers and students. Successful people developed the capacity to create and sustain healthy and respectful relationships.

     In my service as a principal for over ten years, the same truth manifested yet even more starkly. And, in my work as a mental health professional for the last ten years, I noticed that peace of mind, optimism, and resilience correlate significantly with secure, loving relationships.


     I utilize research-based methods created and endorsed by top relationship experts such as Gottman and Johnson. Helping people achieve harmony and mutual understanding fill me with joy. 


     Studies show that if partners delay getting help, it becomes far more difficult to repair the chasms it widens as time passes. Repairing  and refining  your most valued relationships will ultimately transform every aspect of your life. 


     Experience more closeness and companionship than you ever thought possible. You deserve to live your life with healthy and meaningful relationships. You deserve to feel loved and cherished. Give yourself the gift that makes life meaningful.


Give yourself the gift of transformation.


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