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     As a young girl of seven, the memory of all of my childhood friends and neighbors coming to say goodbye to my father still touches that tender, innocent place in my heart. Why were little faces so solemn, I wondered?  He would come back like he did before, right?  And, away I skipped.

     Hospital visits and watching my father become a shadow of himself consumed my days. He did not come back home and  I was orphaned of my 35-year-old father, whose smile and outgoing personality gave me security and created a special bond between us. Although, in many ways, I shared my father’s upbeat and outgoing nature, existential questions such as the meaning of life, the urgency of time, the need to accomplish, and the striving for excellence had their roots in this major loss.

     My mother spoke about Daddy lovingly. Despite her shattered dreams of growing old with her husband, she cherished the loving relationship that they had shared over nine years. The recognition that life’s meaning flows from intimate, loving connections led me to a lifelong pursuit of meaningful relationships, carving the path that would become the hallmark of my lifelong trajectory.

    Whether with my husband of 32 years, or as a mother, sister, mother-in-law, grandmother, aunt, teacher, principal, therapist, coach, or matchmaker, close connections make life meaningful; without them, life is dark and lonely.  We all deserve to have someone believe in us, advocating and cheering for our success to be all that we can be. A positive, nurturing approach focusing on identifying and building strengths works more successfully than focusing only on the areas of weakness. I am the grateful recipient of so much love, encouragement, and comfort. My experience taught me that personal growth stems from caring, nurturing relationships. 

     Yes, little Ellen’s carefree skipping along was interrupted, yet that tribulation led her to cherish meaningful relationships. Now, allow her to give you the tools to grasp  the anchors you need to make your life meaningful.

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