“Ellen (Esther) is a rare gem whose expertise and intuition in both inter- and significantly intrapersonal skills promote reflective self-awareness and genuine socioemotional growth with all ages and stages from the elementary student to mature seniors.  Her nonjudgmental openness and heartfelt communication skills and insights enable ease of conversation simultaneous to probing depth of understanding of the vicissitudes of life. Above all, Esther is a paradigm of empathy and personal self-growth."

-Mrs. Miriam Gettinger MBA

Principal, Hasten Hebrew Academy, Indianapolis, Indiana


"We are grateful every day for our relationship with Mrs. Gendelman. After 10 years of marriage and multiple failed attempts at therapy,  we have finally found someone whose intuition, insight and guidance has transformed our marriage into something we never thought attainable." 

(One of) your very favorite couple(s)

Oak Park, MI

"These few words cannot adequately describe my admiration and appreciation for Ellen Gendelman.  In her role as my principal, Mrs. Gendelman’s open door policy allowed me to access her amazing experience and wisdom.  In her dual role as psychologist, I witnessed child after child benefit from her incredible skills. Never one to sit on her laurels, she is constantly refining her skills, learning and mastering the latest and most effective therapeutic techniques.  Her complete dedication to the emotional, psychological and physical needs of each and every student and staff member was something I will never forget, and it inspires me in my own teaching to this day."

-Mrs. Gail Buxbaum MS

Reading specialist, Oak Park, MI


"For years I struggled with a predicament that caused fresh pain to an open wound over and over again. Talking to Mrs. Gendelman literally opened my eyes. Mrs. Gendelman’s sincerity, sound advice, and rock solid confidence in me gave me an emotionally healthy outlook to my circumstance. I realized when coming across those same predicaments time and time again, although they had originally caused me pain, with the help of G-d , I was now able to view them in a new light. This gave me tremendous inner peace and I am forever grateful to Mrs. Gendelman for that."


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